Get to know all the details of the projects of DANDO FRUTOS. An initiative of GRUPO IREN that contributes to social and sustainable development in organic banana producing areas in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Home for orphaned children La Tía

Jaibón, Dominican Republic

Founded in 1993 and directed by Zoraida Hernández Martínez, known amiably as La Tía, this centre takes in 24 orphaned, abandoned and/or at risk of social exclusion children.

At present, we are trying to maintain hope in the future of these children through the active, firm and determined help of GRUPO IREN. Its project DANDO FRUTOS gives life to this centre, helping to maintain it by means of a monthly allocation of resources for the children’s food and clothing. A donation that also contributes to the proper functioning of the center in its day to day.

At the same time, with the aim of promoting training and facilitating the reintegration of these «street children», projects for human development are carried out. An example is the creation within the centre of the AULA DIGITAL (digital classroom), equipped with computers and the necessary material to carry out computing courses.

“Doña Catalina” Preschool

Batey Amina, Dominican Republic

The community of Batey Amina belongs to the Municipal District of Amina, in the Dominican Republic. Its population is about 1,200, including Dominicans and immigrants from the neighboring country of Haiti.

Its economy is principally based on agricultural work, mainly on banana plantations. Most of its inhabitants live with less than 5 dollars a day and the unemployment rate is over 40%.

These conditions do not allow them to take proper care of their children, as many mothers have to go to the farms to look for their daily sustenance.

The possibility to leave your children in good hands is fundamental. And with this objective in mind, GRUPO IREN, with its project DANDO FRUTOS, built, fitted out and maintains the DOÑA CATALINA Preschool. In it, under the direction and work of Mrs. Josefa Durán, 30 children from the community receive free education and quality care.

Bee Friends

Dominican Republic and Ecuador

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”.
Albert Einstein (1878-1955)

To help avoid this fatal threat, GRUPO IREN is driving the BeeFriends project, which aims to create sustainable ecosystems that promote the protection and preservation of bees and other pollinators present in banana production. In addition, it encourages friendly agricultural practices with these species in order to promote the biodiversity of the productive unit.

To this end, we provide spaces within the banana farms for the planting and maintenance of lippias that serve as food for the bees, as well as for the installation of hives that help the proper establishment of colonies.